Photo by Darren at 161 Studios

Hey Y'all

I landed in the great scenic city of Chattanooga, Tennessee after a much-too-long 24 years in South Florida. No children, I'm still playing the "always a wedding photographer, never a bride" role, but I have a 4 year old, 60lb. lap dog, and a cat that could pass for a baby cow. I live for good sushi, mocha iced coffee (basic, I know), and can get down with some live music - Nashville is the bees knees, am I right? 

My greatest passion is documenting life and love; I'm a sucker and a hopeless romantic - I promise I'll be crying during your ceremony behind my camera. My father was the photography enthusiast of our family, he just tinkered around with it. I remember the countless trips to Ritz Camera (gosh, I feel old now), and outings to the race track for him to capture those cool abstract, engine closeup-artsy-like photos, yea?

I first picked up photography after becoming bored during multiple rounds of being grounded; true story. I took pictures around the house, mainly flowers, and eventually was allowed out to the beach to practice with my little sister. I'm not sure I would've kept pursuing this hobby (now career) if it weren't for the validation I received from my parents. I had my first 'professional' session in 2009; maternity portraits, and my first wedding in 2014. 

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Gym Class Heroes and their tour photographer, Gary Ventura, and have had the great honor of having two photographs permanently placed on display in our local hospital, Erlanger East. In 2014, I was featured in The Arts Arena Gallery in Delray Beach, Florida for the month of April, and hosted a charity event, Portraits For Orlando, to raise money for victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. My greatest accomplishment, though, is the relationships and the memories that I get to create over the years.

There really isn't one thing that I love to photograph more than the other. For me, it's about the moments that take place during your session that keep me going and craving more. I focus on capturing it all, not just cheesy poses and fake smiles here, folks. I do what I do because time doesn't slow down for anyone, or any thing, but with just a click of a button, I can freeze the moments that take my breath away for a lifetime of visits down memory lane.